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Our Story

We are experts in telecommunications who have partnered with experts in healthcare to expand healthcare access while saving time and money. 


Our purpose is to provide safe, quality, diagnostic, primary healthcare, on-demand, in a comfortable and intuitive platform, to all communities at lower costs. 


We envision a healthier world where a global network of medical providers use continually evolving technology to improve quality of life for all people by bringing convenient access to primary healthcare to where we live, work, and travel.  ​


We will responsibly integrate technology, devices, and medical providers and collaborate with community leaders to enable affordable, primary healthcare around the world. We will enable seamless, transparent patient-provider communications and empower medical professionals to expand their reach beyond physical borders.


Quality service.

We exist to connect patients and medical providers by consistently providing the best quality service that proves to patients and our partners that we are here to bring them together.  We believe a focus on delivering the latest technology, affordably, will increase access to primary healthcare and satisfy everyone who uses our services.

Integrity, safety, and reliability.

We will be successful if patients and partners trust our products and services, and their availability, and we meet the expectation of providing a private, secure experience in a consistently comfortable, clean, and safe environment.


We envision and bring to life the best experiences when we are compassionate and considerate of the needs of everyone who could engage with our platforms.



We believe everyone deserves easy access to quality healthcare regardless of age, ethnicity, or community. 

Meet The Team

Charles Nahabedian, Co-founder, CEO

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As a seasoned entrepreneur, Charlie created shareholder value at AT&T and as Co-founder/CEO at Fonetek, a cellphone start-up he sold to LG. He has two patents and a national award for “Outstanding Contributions in a Field of Science.” His groups developed the patient touchscreen kiosks at EPCOT which spawned two ventures. He holds a BSEE, MSEE, from Northeastern University and an MBA from Seton Hall University.

Vince Waterson,

Co-founder, VP Engineering

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Vince, inventor, entrepreneur and telecommunications expert, co-founded Hawaii Pacific Teleport and Subic Bay Satellite Systems, pioneering the first satellite internet service in Asia-Pacific. Earlier he co-founded FAXCAST, the world’s first commercial Group3 facsimile broadcast system – raising over $30M. He earlier worked with British Telecom, Ford Aerospace, Litton Defense Systems, Burroughs Corporation Racal Communications, and Cable & Wireless. 

Dave Sturgess,

Co-founder, Manufacturing

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Dave is an inventor and Owner/Managing Director of C21 Technology Ltd, UK. C21 designs and delivers unique solutions including data services, delivery mechanisms, process control equipment, and business solutions. He has expertise in hardware/software design including interface hardware, protocol converters, high-speed data acquisition, transport stream processors, and numerous data pipes operating over both satellite and IP networks.

Neeraj Chitra,

Board Member, Software Developement

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Neeraj manages software development for VideoKall. He has experience in full-stack data, digital practices and database experience in Health, BFSI, Technology, Enterprise, Startup and SMB sectors. He has a BSEE, MS-Information Systems, and an MBA in Finance.

Colleen Milne,

Acting Chief Marketing and

Revenue Officer

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