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Expanding how and where you access healthcare.

Introducing Breeze360 and the Breeze Smart Clinic.

Comfortable, convenient healthcare.  

Healthcare access redefined

Our platforms provide a bridge between video telehealth visits and in-office clinic visits for primary care.  Patients and providers communicate from anywhere across the world, while medical providers gather real-time health information using remotely controlled telediagnostic tools

or the patient's own connected device.

The result? Access to the quality care you need

precisely when and where you need it.


"I am excited to be involved in this next wave of technology to achieve the value that has eluded others so far."

Nancy Gagliano, MD, Advisor, Former CMO at CVS Minute Clinic

2020 Health Tech Innovation Award


2021 Health Tech Innovation Award


2021 Children's Health Innovation Award

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VK Digital Health

Let's evolve telehealth and healthcare access together.
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